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Governor’s Gun Control proposal will hurt Marylanders

New abusive fees meant to discourage gun ownership

Have you looked closely at some of the fees in O’Malley’s new gun control bill?

Let’s see, a $300 registration fee is required. Really, that’s just to OWN a gun? You could take that $300 and go buy a gun on the black market for much cheaper.

Add to that the caveat that gun owners must also take thousands of dollars in liability insurance out to own the weapon and the whole thing looks less desirable to a law abiding citizen.

Nevermind the fact that a criminal won’t have to jump through any of these loops.

This is exactly their plan. To make owning a gun so expensive that you’ll just take your luck with the local police department.

And with the rise in burglaries in Howard County and other parts of the state residents there will be hurt the most when it comes to defending their property.

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