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Maryland Senate passes restrictive Gun Control bill on its way to becoming law

From the Baltimore Sun

In a 28-19 vote, senators approved a plan to require a license to buy a handgun, limit magazines to 10 bullets and ban the sale of assault-style weapons. Maryland State Police would be empowered to audit gun dealers, and state rules limiting gun ownership for people with mental illnesses would be expanded. Other provisions increase the information sent to databases used for background checks.

The Maryland senate voted 28-19 to pass a gun control measure that includes fingerprinting and bans owning firearms for those who have been involuntarily committed.

“We don’t have our Newtowns or Columbines in our neighborhood,” said Maryland Senator for Baltimore City Nathaniel J. McFadden. “You can get a gun quicker than you can get an apple or an orange in my community. It’s outrage, and we need to do something about it.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t fingerprinting required for people who have committed a crime? Now, if you just own a gun, you are already assumed guilty.

The bill now moves to the Maryland House where it will likely pass with some changes.

A registration fee has been proposed but there are no stipulations yet in the bill that won’t allow the state from raising the fee once the bill is law.

Go here to find out who your Maryland state representatives are to tell them how you feel about the new bill.

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