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President Obama orders Marine to hold umbrella over his head during press conference

I guess with no umbrella the President can't make all his wild and wacky hand gestures

This story is blowing up in the news and it’s huge.

It’s not what the President needed with the burgeoning number of scandals going on in his administration.

During a press conference, President Obama ordered Marines to hold umbrellas to shield himself and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan from the rain.

A retired military general doesn’t think it was such a great idea and slammed the President.

Thomas McInerney, a former United States Air Force Lieutenant General, said it was a breach of military protocol for the marine to hold the umbrella and that the President showed a lack of respect.

He said:

‘The President has stood in the rain before without an umbrella and a marine would generally stand there without holding an umbrella.’

‘He isn’t some kind of butler or something.

The Marine Corp manual specifically forbids carrying of umbrellas.

Usually, aides are responsible for holding umbrellas for the President.

So here’s my take, why couldn’t the President and prime minister hold the umbrellas themselves?

What’s your take? Comment below.

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