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Daily Mail article about Chesapeake Bay Bridge being scary has locals laughing

  • Don’t look down! The Maryland bridge so terrifying locals pay $25 to be driven across in their own car

    Story on Daily Mail UK

    Locals pay $25 to be chauffered across terrifying bridge because of fear

    If you read the article, they are showing an aerial view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is actually not as high as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and even goes underwater.

    Might want to do a better job finding the right photo guys.

    Great reporting.

    And yes, locals who have no choice to drive across it because of work etc are really having a field day with this.

    It is true there have been accidents on the bridge where people have died, but for the most part it is a safe bridge to drive across.

    Hell, in the summer you’ll be sitting backed up in traffic at the top and not moving anyway, so what’s the problem?

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