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I’d rather have National Parks to visit than Obamacare

The government shutdown is turning into a discussion about what needs to be funded that the nation needs to have


You can see how this fight over Obamacare and a shutdown is setting up.

House GOP passes bill to re-open National Parks

They will pass a bill in house, it gets rejected by Senate. And this goes back and forth the whole time.

They always dangle the WE WILL SHUT DOWN YOUR PARKS carrot whenever one of these shutdowns comes up when you and I know they could stop foriegn aid to Syrian Rebels and Israel and keep them open.

Priorities priorities…

Now we are hearing they are letting veterans into memorials because of the first amendment?

What about the millions of other people in the U.S who are covered under the first amendment, which is more than those who will be covered under the Affordable Care Act?

It is about time the nation had this discussion about what needs funding because national debt now outpaces GDP by about $2 trillion.

The President’s health care plan will add another half trillion on top of that which will not be enough to fund his health care plan, resulting in additional debt and spending.

This country has serious problems, but don’t hold the nation’s parks hostage over an old idea that has been tried before and has failed in numerous other countries around the world.

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