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Dancing Baby, Peanut Butter and Jelly Time, When Gifs Ruled the Web

This was so awesome, so many good memories of the web the way it used to be

Ah, Remember when the internet was young? When it took 2 minutes to load a web page, the crackling of a 56k modem, a dancing baby?! WTF?

It was so much easier to entertain everyone with a clever animated movie called a “gif” made up of individual pictures. They became so popular at one point that “dancing baby” was in almost everyone’s in box. No one got famous with a tweet, or a Facebook status update. No, you had to entertain with your imagination.

Artist Evan Roth has compiled together a video titled “Cache Rules Everything Around Me” which includes the internet’s greatest hits from its infancy all the way up to the George Bush “show throwing” incident. Enjoy and thanks to Evan.

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