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Yes, Samsung Smart Hub is down…on a Saturday night

Engineers are working feverishly to fix the problem

Yep folks.

You slaved away all week in the salt mines and say hey I’ll treat myself to a great movie on Netflix on my brand spanking new Samsung Smart Hub TV.

What’s that? Your new tv is broken? It won’t load Netflix? Why back in my day…

Well…hope you have some books to read, cuz it might take a while for the Samsung engineers to fix the problem.

Usually their East Coast servers get smashed on the weekends, and when demand is heavy, they go kaput. Many users report a Model_bind error after waiting for an app to load.

Well hey, at least you can listen to NEXTGEN FM while you wait. Even better, listen to NEXTGEN FM as you watch that new episode of Cake Boss.


Yay, it looks like the servers are back up…sorta.

Some apps don’t work, the Samsung App Store is still broken, Amazon Video just shows a weird icon in the upper left corner that looks like a VCR tape, and Netflix seems to be playing some obscure titles like “Walk in the land of Jesus”.

At least people aren’t getting the Bind_Model error anymore.

So I don’t know how much of an improvement this is.

Something must have really broke at the data centers.

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