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The Failures of NASA and how to fix them

Here’s a great article explaining what went wrong with NASA in recent years and what can be done to fix it.

NASA just isn’t what it used to be, let’s face it. There are no human missions planned for the moon or Mars right now, private space flight is taking off and NASA needs to assist private companies in doing so.

Here’s an excerpt

The Failures of NASA and a Way Out

The end of the Cold War has intensified the need to engage the engines of free enterprise. Absent a dire national exigency like the Soviet threat, NASA must compete for funding with other uses for the Federal dollar, and many of them are much more urgent. The NASA budget has therefore shrunk to well below 1% of Federal outlays, and there is virtually no hope of any significant increase. Sustained growth is possible only in the private sector, where it is seen as a boon to the economy.

From Space Daily

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