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6.1 magnitude Earthquake damage reports coming in from California, videos posted on YouTube

Quake spilled items from cabinets and damaged merchandise at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Northern California

  • Several videos of damage from the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that rattled Northern California awake this morning are being posted onto YouTube. This man records damage done to his kitchen from the earthquake.

    More pictures are coming in from damage to supermarkets and convenience stores from items crashing to the floor.

    Many people are headed out now to stores to stock up on essential supplies fearing a shortage of items at grocery and supermarkets caused by damage from the earthquake.

    Here is some damage done to Wal-Mart merchandise in American Canyon, CA

    Damage done to Wal-Mart merchandise from Mico Nicco ABC 7 News @mikeniccoABC7

    Damage done to Wal-Mart merchandise from Mike Nicco ABC 7 News @mikeniccoABC7

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