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New Year’s resolutions for lazy people

Shout out to Buzzfeed
  • We’ve got your list of 19 easy New Year’s resolutions for lazy people like us! On the list are some favorites like “cook a non terrible meal this year” and “change your bed sheets”.

    So if you’re ready to start your list, check out the full list at Buzzfeed and Happy 2015 and thanks to all our listeners for tuning in this year! Hope to see you next year :)


    19 Mind-Numbingly Easy New Year’s Resolutions For Lazy Slobs

    Story on Buzzfeed

    What’s on your list? Are you a slovenly disgrace? Then these are the resolutions for you.

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    1. Lucky  November 24, 2016 at 6:04 am

      This piece was a liaekfcjet that saved me from drowning.


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