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Google Finally Comes Clean On Spam Redirects For Adsense Publishers

Spammers used ad network to send visitors to spammy websites

  • It took Google forever to finally issue a formal statement on its Adsense publisher forums that spammers have been hijacking the internet giant’s ad publishing network using a vulnerability in Adobe Flash that it uses to deliver its ads to publishers.

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    The hijackers would redirect visitors to spam websites away from the page that hosted the ads. The problem had been occurring since last November. Even when ad publishers tried to remove the spammy ads, they too would get booted out of their account and sent to the spam website.

    Google posted on official response on their Adsense forums stating they have addressed the problem and are working on better screening to protect against the problem. It isn’t the first time hackers and spammers have attempted to hijack the lucrative advertising network.

    “investigating a new type of spam that uses Flash to auto redirect users to a different site once loaded on a page.” Then adding, “We’ve identified the cause of the issue, and have addressed the problem on our network. We’re working with impacted publishers and improving our screening to protect against this type of problem in the future.”

    The spammers used Flash to hijack and redirect visitors to different websites. The problem even occurred on Apple mobile iOS devices which do not support flash, so it is not certain the problem is totally resolved.

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