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Husband Takes Bulldozer To House Wife Shocked

Husband says that wife is still in shock but has "gotten over it"

  • A man in Middletown, NY rented an excavator and bulldozed his wife’s single family home to the ground with all their belongings inside.

    A neighbor says his wife arrived home and stood in the middle of the street screaming “what happened to her house”. Apparently the couple weren’t staying in the dwelling at the time and were making repairs.

    Officials reportedly called utility companies to make sure gas was shut off to avoid an explosion. The husband was reported to have called his wife to warn her but she never answered. She is the legal owner of the property.

    The only parts of the home still standing are the front steps. The couple were reported to not have marital problems.

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    1. Anonymous  January 21, 2015 at 5:57 pm

      LOL “gotten over it”


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