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Trump’s tombstone removed from Central Park

It seems someone is eager for Donald Trump to leave the campaign for president early

  • Credit to <a href="">AgainwithBeth</a> from Instagram

    Credit to AgainwithBeth from Instagram

    A tombstone cropped up in New York’s Central Park over the weekend belonging to Donald J. Trump, but it appears Donald Trump is still alive and well.

    The inscription below the name reads “Made America Hate Again”, reflecting the controversy over Trump’s singling out of ethnic groups like Muslims and Mexican illegal immigrants.

    Police removed the tombstone Sunday afternoon before it attracted too much attention, but there isn’t any word if there was a body there.

    Asked if the Secret Service would consider it a death threat, “We’re not going to comment on protective procedures or protective knowledge like that,” said Martin Mulholland, special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s office of public affairs who spoke in an interview with ABC News today.

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