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Privacy and security experts calling for government to inform Apple of hack used to unlock iPhone used in terror attack

White House ultimately to decide whether to disclose the exploit

Photo Credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/ssoosay/25848690772/in/photostream/">ssoosay from Flickr</a>

Photo Credit: ssoosay from Flickr

The Washington Post has reported that the FBI has cracked one of the phones belonging to one of the terrorists in the Bernardino shooting.

The FBI bought information from professional hackers in order to crack the phones password with a so called zero-day exploit without erasing all the data that a security feature would’ve triggered.

The exploit is one which Apple had not found previously in developing the software for the iPhone.

Apple has stated it has no current plans to sue the FBI over the hack according to the Post. The White House conducts a process where senior government officials debate whether to disclose any vulnerabilities discovered with tech companies that are part of an investigation.

They weigh a variety of factors like public safety and how widely the software is used, but at the same time they also take into account intelligence and national security missions where the exploit would be of use.

A government official speaking on conditions of anonymity said that the exploit could be used by other terrorists and cyber criminals that would compromise national security if Apple does not fix the exploit.

Libertarian presidential candidate and software engineer John McAfee debated former FBI officer Steve Rogers about the iPhone backdoor demanded by the FBI on CNN.  McAfee disagreed with Rogers that in order to have security you have to give up privacy.

FBI director James Cooney said “they’re going to fix it and then we’re back where we started from” if they were to share the security exploit with Apple

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