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These people are living with a fox, and his name is Loki

This fox has outfoxed cats and dogs to become the companion of a couple that works to raise awareness about foxes as beautiful animals.

Meet Loki the American Red Fox, who has become a YouTube star.

Loki’s human family warn it takes a lot of hard work and patience and they really like to destroy things so you have to make accommodations in your home for them.

The owners seem to have a good sense of humor, when they state in their FAQ at Loki the Red Fox:

1 – I do not recommend having a fox as a pet
2 – A wild fox should be in the wild – Do not take foxes out of the wild
3 – I do not know where to get foxes
4 – Stop hunting foxes, Please stop wearing fur, Protect our planet and what area wild animals have left to survive.

According to the Loki Fox FAQ, Loki is litter trained and in a few ways is almost like a cat in the way he behaves.

They give some advice for prospective fox owners:

Foxes are not for everyone, they require a lot of work. So many people want to get a fox after watching Loki interact with us at home but you have to know what you are getting into. So many people get foxes because they are sooo cute when they are small and have no idea what they are getting into and get rid of the fox after 6 months when it starts behaving like this or worse because Loki is now almost 6 years old and we got him at 5 weeks old and when he was 6 months old multiply this by 5. He was a terror which 98% of the people out there would not be able to handle.

From the sounds of things, it looks like Loki’s family has no plans to send him back to the wild, and his fans online would miss him too. Loki comes from 8 generations of captive bred foxes and according to National Geographic most captive born predators die if released.

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One comment

  1. Vesna  March 1, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    Loki has been a prisoner in a dirty room all of his life. The owner never ever went on walks.. He has a video about it where he has some theories about it.. He has a garden, but never ever gave that creature life under the sun on fresh air.. Loki dies and never ever interacted with the world.. Save the litlle fox Ty.. He baricaded that one window with some stronger than plexiglass material.. Pet ownera should give their pets some interaction with nature or some life as people have.. In any shape or form.. Keeping that fox alone forever in a dirty room, and having a garden.. It is pure sadism


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