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FCC plans to allow Internet providers control over what sites customers see and use

Net neutrality killing plan set to pass next month by Republican controlled FCC

In a move to kill the net neutrality plans put in place by the Obama administration to protect consumers, the FCC plans to vote next month on legislation that will change the internet forever.

The FCC’s republican chairman Ajit Pai says the new proposal will prevent the government from “micromanaging” the internet by allowing internet service providers to be transparent about practices to control what internet sites consumers can see and use and how much they will charge.

Under current rules, there are federal laws that prohibit corporations from doing so and are termed net neutrality laws.

Google said in a statement released Tuesday:

“The FCC’s net neutrality rules are working well for consumers, and we’re disappointed in the proposal released today”

The FCC’s job is to represent and protect the consumer, and the Republican FCC’s decision next month will hand over much of the control of the internet to giant corporations.

FCC chairman Pai’s proposal is likely to face court challenges from net neutrality supporters.

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