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    Amazon unveiled several new products at its online unveiling event on Tuesday, including an autonomous robot that can monitor a person’s home for intruders.  <br><br>Undoubtedly the cutest product making an appearance, the Alexa-powered robot, called Astro, is available to purchase by invite for people in the US, meaning interested customers have to sign up to have a chance to buy.<br>The $1,450 robot uses intelligent motion to check-in on your home while you’re away and give alerts about any disturbances. <br>Scroll down for video <br> Just hanging out with the fam: Amazon Astro could be one of the cuter additions to the home<br>It can move autonomously around your home, navigate to check in on specific areas, show a live view of rooms through the Astro app, or send alerts if it detects an unrecognized person. <br>Astro uses its digital eyes on its rotating screen, body movements and expressive tones to communicate, according to Amazon. <br>’Its personality is also helpful – for example, it hangs out in places where it can be the most useful,’ said Charlie Tritschler, vice president for products at Amazon.<br>’For me, that’s in the kitchen, where I’m typically asking for a recipe or sending Astro to tell my family that dinner is ready.’ <br>Amazon says: ‘To learn more about Astro or request an invite, please visit website class=”mol-para-with-font”>Astro will be priced at $1,450, but as part of Amazon’s – which gives customers the chance get early access and contribute feedback – it will be available for an introductory price of $1,000.  <br> Astro can move autonomously around your home, navigate to check in on specific areas, show you a live view of rooms through the Astro app, or even send alerts if it detects an unrecognized person<br> <br />Amazon also unveiled the Echo Show 15, a kids device called ‘Amazon Glow’ for them to share an ‘interactive projected space’ with loved ones and a new security doorbell.<br>Some of the devices are available to order today, although others are still yet to see a general release and are ‘invite-only’.  <br>AMAZON ECHO SHOW 15 <br>The £240 ($250) Alexa-powered Echo Show 15 device boasts a 15.6-inch display that you can mount to your wall or place on your counter. <br>Users can hang it horizontally or vertically on a wall, like a photo frame, as it displays how-to videos, recipes from the web or shows streamed from and Spotify.  <br> Echo Show 15 has a 15.6-inch display that you can mount to your wall or place on your counter<br> Echo Show 15 can be mounted either in portrait or landscape orientation and is designed to blend into the surroundings like a photo frame<br>’We think of it [Echo Show 15] as a kitchen TV, but much, much smarter,’ said Miriam Daniel, vice president of Alexa and Echo devices. <br> Echo Show 15 can display a live-stream from your smart doorbell, streaming services interfaces, personalized sticky notes to members of the family and much more. <br>If you’ve opted to hang it from the wall and want to disable the display, users can ask Alexa to show a photo frame, and Echo Show 15 just shows photos, so it blends into the background. <br>’Echo Show 15 brings everything that makes your household tick into one place,’ said сериалы 2022 года онлайн ‘with all 5G and complete…

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    Amazon says: ‘With customizable Alexa widgets, Echo Show 15 brings together everything families need on its beautiful 15.6-inch Full HD screen'<br>It also has a redesigned home screen and Alexa widgets, designed for digital post-it notes and to-do lists in mind.  <br>’With a redesigned home screen and Alexa widgets, you can customize Echo Show 15 to see your shared family calendar, manage to-do lists and reminders, find meal inspiration, and keep track of your incoming packages,’ said Taylor. <br>’Plus, Echo Show 15 can adapt to your home environment with full-screen photos or art, so it’s always there when you need it, but fades beautifully into the background when you don’t.’  <br>AMAZON GLOW<br>Amazon Glow, meanwhile, is a two-part device designed for children that lets them remotely connect with loved ones by participating in activities together. <br> Amazon Glow for £240 combines ‘immersive projection, sensing, and video technologies to make it feel like you’re having fun in-person<br>During video calls on Glow, kids see a chat participants on a dedicated 8-inch display on a black device that looks almost like a retro walkie-talkie.<br>As they do so, they can be reading stories, playing games, and creating art on a 19-inch, touch-sensitive, ‘projected space’ that almost looks like a sheet of paper. <br>As children are enjoying engaging activities on the flat ‘projected space’, remote family and friends see the child on a tablet and participate in the same activities using a free Glow app. <br>Amazon says Glow combines ‘immersive projection, sensing and video technologies to make it feel like you’re having fun in-person’.  <br> Amazon partnerships with Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Mattel and Disney mean children can choose from a wide range of content<br>’Glow brings an entirely new level of fun that lets kids be kids and welcomes grown-ups into an exciting new way to connect and bond, even when they’re far away,’ said Joerg Tewes, general manager for Amazon Glow. <br>’We’ve created an unbreakable, supersized, projected surface like no other, fusing digital and physical fun that excites kids and delights grown-ups with all they can do together.’ <br>Amazon partnerships with Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Mattel and Disney mean children can choose from a wide range of content. <br>Glow is available at an introductory, early access price of $250, but it’s only for US customers for now.  <br>BLINK VIDEO DOORBELL<br>The £50 ($50) Blink Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that features long-lasting battery life, HD day and night video, two-way audio, and chime app alerts to a user’s smartphone. <br>It’s the first doorbell from Blink, the home automation company that Amazon revealed it had acquired back in 2017.<br>Customers can sign up at a dedicated  to be notified when the device is available for sale. <br> Pictured, Blink Video Doorbell. Amazon says it can be installed wired or wire-free with the ability to enable two-year battery life, 1080p HD day and night video, two-way audio and chime app alerts<br>’The new Blink Video Doorbell provides affordable, easy-to-use, reliable security at your front door, and is the perfect first step for customers looking to build out a smart home security system,’ said Mike Harris, chief operating officer at Blink. <br>’Blink Video Doorbell is designed for every home – it comes packed with helpful smart security features like customised motion detection zones to monitor the areas that matter most to you and your family. <br>’With the addition of a video doorbell to Blink’s smart security camera line up – including the new Blink Floodlight Camera – you can see who’s at your door, keep an eye out for packages, and protect your whole home no matter where you are.’   <br><br>ALWAYS HOME CAM <br>Lastly, Always Home Cam was but it’s still not going to be made generally available for the time being, Amazon revealed. <br>It’s a home surveillance drone that flies around your house when you’re not there and keeps an eye out for intruders.<br>It consists of a flying black camera, powered by rotor blades, that automatically takes off from a stationary white dock if it detects movement in the house.<br>The camera streams a live view of what’s going on in the user’s home to their smartphone via the Ring app, in case of unwelcome visitors.   <br>But Amazon revealed during today’s event that it’s also only to available to purchase by invite. <br> Other products revealed today were the Ring Alarm Pro (a security system with a built-in Wi-Fi router), Halo View (a new fitness-focused smartwatch featuring a ‘vibrant’ AMOLED colour display) and a $60 smart thermostat.  <br>Amazon Smart Thermostat is Alexa-compatible and ‘keeps homes comfortable and energy-efficient’, Amazon says.  <br>Amazon’s new products were accompanied by the usual privacy concerns – one analyst said the tech giant will become ‘even more pervasive’ in our daily lives and called Astro the robot is ‘a bold move’. <br>’This latest barrage of devices and services from Amazon sees the company doing what it does best – evolving existing products, entering new categories with new features, and continuing to disrupt through aggressive pricing,’ said Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight. <br> Amazon Smart Thermostat is Alexa-compatible and ‘keeps homes comfortable and energy-efficient’, Amazon says<br>’All these products and services will help Amazon become even more pervasive in people’s daily lives.<br>’Offering products resembling something from a science fiction novel positions Amazon as an innovative company in the eyes of consumers and investors  <br>’As with other Amazon products, there is no question the Astro robot will become a lightning conductor in the privacy debate – but ultimately it is up to consumers to decide whether they want this type of technology in their homes. <br>’This product will be the litmus test for convenience versus privacy.’ <br>At the event, Amazon’s hardware chief, Dave Limp, said that all voice interactions on are d

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