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    The owner of a New Jersey ice cream shop and pizza parlor is having lawyers look into a possible lawsuit against YouTuber McJuggerNuggets after a video shot in her restaurant showed McJuggerNuggets, real name Jesse Ridgeway, doing things behind her back that could be considered restaurant health code violations.

    He puts his mouth under the ice cream machine and squirts a dollop of ice cream into his mouth, which many are saying is a health department violation.

    The restaurant where this happened is called Toni’s Treats in Malaga, NJ.

    He removed the video and many are re uploading it on YouTube. Some who have seen it say he also put his hand into food containers.

    I don’t know for sure if she is suing due to the negative reviews being posted about her business or because she received health department violations or both, but the owner knew what she was getting into when she invited a YouTuber into her business that has a loyal following of fans and haters.

    She thought it might of been good for business but only time will tell if she plans to follow through on her legal threats.

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