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    In Murthy’s case, there are good reasons why the NRA strongly opposes his nomination. He has advocated that physicians question parents about their gun ownership and counsel them not to own guns or always to store them locked up.

    He has even gone so far as to advocate “documenting gun ownership” by patients.

    If physicians record this information and report it via electronic medical records to the government, it is simply another way of registering guns.

    If Murthy really worried about children’s safety, his time would be better spent advocating that doctors ask patients about other, greater dangers lurking around the children’s and their playmates’ homes: a swimming pool, chemicals and medications, bathtubs, water buckets, bicycles, cars and items that can cause suffocation.

    Accidental gun deaths involving children are especially horrible, but they are fortunately rare. Take the last five years for which the Centers for Disease Control data are available, 2006 to 2010.

    On average there were 33 accidental gun deaths per year for children under 10. Including children under 15 raises the number to 58.

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    obama is an asshole

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