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Privacy and Cookies Policy

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We utilize cookies on NEXTGEN FM to enhance your visit.

NEXTGEN FM uses cookies to help remember your handle and avatar when commenting and also in chat to remember your handle name. They are also used around the site to remember when you have clicked alerts so they don’t keep showing up and annoying you. A cookie is also set when you rate a song on the listen page, to limit voting to just once per day per song.

Some third party advertisers that advertise on Nextgen FM may also use cookies to serve you customized advertisements. You have the option of opting out of being served personalized advertisements.

Emails and Passwords

An email address is needed to send you a password when you register as a user on the website. The email address is only used to contact you in the event you need your password reset.


Statcounter is an online service which helps us to understand our visitors; for example, how visitors find our website, how long they spend on our site, which web pages they are most interested in etc. We use Statcounter because better understanding how visitors are interacting with our website helps us to improve the content, design and functionality of our site. This allows us to offer a better online experience to our visitors.

Statcounter uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on visitors and visitor activity on our website. This data includes:

* Time and date of visit (this can help us to identify and plan for busy periods on our website)
* IP address (this is a numerical label assigned to a device by an Internet Service Provider to enable the device to access the internet)
* Browser and Operating System (this can help us to make sure that our website functions correctly in the browsers/operating systems used to access our site)
* Device Information e.g. device type and screen size (this can help us to make sure that our website functions correctly in the devices used to access our site)
* Referring Data e.g. a search engine link (this can help us to understand which search engines are helping visitors to find our website)

Furthermore, when you visit our website a Statcounter cookie (called “is_unique”) may be placed in your browser. This cookie is used only to determine whether you are a first-time or returning visitor and to estimate unique visits to the site.

You can learn more about cookies from Statcounter and set your browser to refuse same here:

For further details, please see the Statcounter privacy policy the:

Askimet Anti-Spam

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