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The Dark Side of the Moon from 1990 is on Netflix, watch it

No, it’s not another terrible Transformers movie thank god.

It’s a little known B movie flick from the height of 1990 with some great mood music and special effects. In fact, if I could find the soundtrack somewhere I would buy it it’s that good.

Be great to play at a haunted house or something.

The music alone carries the film along, without it, it might not have been so enjoyable. You can see it on Netflix right now and you can’t find it on DVD, so you’ll have to watch it there.

The acting isn’t too bad considering the little known actors that starred in it. The cursing and dialogue is pretty hilarious at times, and I’m pretty sure the main actor is cross eyed.

You’ll also remember the actor who plays the doctor from Kubrick’s The Shining. The guy that cleans Jack Torrance’s jacket in the restroom!

I won’t tell you the plot, so you’ll have to watch! All you need to know, is that the dark side of the moon is a haunted place.

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