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Weather Underground ends its free API weather data service

If you’ve been having trouble accessing Nextgen FM’s free weather service, well, here is why. Premium members will still be able to access the API. The Weather Underground and its vast trove of data were acquired by The Weather Company in 2010.

The Weather Underground is ending its free API weather data service

So The Weather Company now owns three of the biggest weather services, weather.com, intellicast.com, and Weather Underground. The Weather Company is a subsidiary of IBM. It’s been a pleasure serving our visitors with weather forecasts, and we are looking for a free alternative in the meanwhile.

As a result, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire the Weather Underground API. The Weather Company, which acquired WU back in 2012, offers a powerful suite of enterprise-grade APIs that might be better suited to meet your scale and performance needs while offering a broader range of weather data. You can see these products here.

Here’s what you need to know going forward:

Your subscriptions, and therefore access, will continue to work through 12/31/2018.

If you are a paying WU API customer, you will receive a call from a representative from The Weather Company, and IBM business, to discuss transition options to other API services. If you’d like to have these conversations sooner, contact us.

If you are a Personal Weather Station owner, you will receive more information about our plan to offer free access to the data you provide to Weather Underground. We’ll reach out once that plan has been finalized.

The WU Forum will continue to be the best place to connect, keep you informed, share your feedback and get your questions answered as we go through this process.

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